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The Leadership BluePrint Podcast: "Creating a Positive Culture at Your Firm" with John McNulty

The Leadership BluePrint Podcast | July 5, 2021

John McNulty is the Founding Principal of MBH Architects, a full service architectural firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area with offices in New York City, Denver, and Mumbai.

As a member of the US Navy and a lifelong philanthropist, McNulty has cultivated a firm that is devoted to teamwork and community service projects.

MBH works with the Good Tidings Foundation to design art, music, and athletic spaces for children in underserved communities across the US. The firm also has an internal community service committee to promote firm member's volunteerism.

In this episode...

McNulty gives us the components of building a successful team and how he has been able to implement these at MBH over the past 30 years. He addresses questions including...

  • What do you do when a talented employee is a poor teammate?

  • How to retain employees over time in a society where people are constantly jumping job to job?

  • Why he implemented peer reviews across all departments at his firm?

  • What advice would you give up-and-coming Design Professionals?

McNulty is a great person and leader! A lot can be learned from the positive culture he has created at MBH!

To learn all about MBH including its design projects and philanthropic work to to

Listen below:

You can listen to this episode wherever you choose to listen to podcasts.


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