Picture Yourself at MBH


You Are an Up-and-Coming Designer

You are at or near the beginning of your career path. You want to absorb as much knowledge as possible, and you crave challenging creative work. At MBH, your professional growth will be a daily priority that takes many forms: continuing education seminars, onsite training programs, vendor/consultant presentations, on-the-job mentoring and more. Additionally, our committees help bring together employees with common interests to form tight bonds and community within the firm. You will be supported as you work on the complex projects and explore new opportunities. You will work hard but laugh along the way.

You Are a Seasoned Professional

You have had a substantial career to date and are eager for new opportunities. You wonder how you will dovetail with existing leadership and if there is flexibility to balance work & life. At MBH, you will be among a supportive group of peers working towards common goals. You will have autonomy to mold your team, strategy, and balance your time. You will have opportunities to further develop your career, do interesting creative work on variety of project types, and advance within the firm.

You Are One of Us Now

The days of waiting for Friday are over! You are an integral member of the team who thrives on collaboration over competition. You take pride in the integrity and humility of your colleagues, as you explore curiosities and sharpen technical skills. You have the tools to learn, grow, and reach your fullest potential. Your wellness is important to the firm as are finding balance and planning for the future. Your dedication is met with gratitude, recognition, and a healthy dose of fun.

What Sets Us Apart, As Told by Our Employees

bonnie, project architect

After 8 years with MBH, I look back with much gratitude and respect for the company that led me here and look forward to much more to come.

To me, what makes MBH so exceptional and engaging is the diversity of people and ideas, collaborative philosophy, and leadership team dedicated to the training and mentorship of aspiring Architects. There is a tangible learning environment at MBH that thrives on alliance and partnership of its team members and nurtures setbacks to overcome them. Even at over 150 people strong, MBH is one big team with one fundamental goal of doing the best work possible, while sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences – and it exudes from each person here, creating that sense of team, family and belonging to this profession.

MBH has always encouraged, and even pushed me, to materialize my notions and aspirations. And it’s not just me, I’ve seen this empowering and inspiring model spread all over the office, creating the fostering atmosphere for innovation to blossom. So many people here have been personal mentors, advocates and friends of mine and I feel truly blessed to have found this group of people supporting me in what I love to do every day.


The Perks of Working with Us


To inquire about location-specific benefit, please speak with a member of human resources during the application process. Full time employees in the USA will receive: 

paid vacation &

sick time

licensure mentorship

medical & dental

retirement plan

employee stock option

commuter benefits

onsite wellness options

(some locations)