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Integrated Services

Activating the Built Environment

Energizing the built environment with unique graphics, strategic wayfinding solutions, and bespoke fixtures, we imbue your space with distinctive elements that bring your brand to life for both new and dedicated customers. Our in-house Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) and Fixtures Studios, staffed with talented industrial, interior, and graphic designers, collaborate with MBH’s architectural teams to reach customized solutions for your project, from showstopping fixtures to interactive branding. From national retail rollouts to affordable housing developments, we pride ourselves on delivering experiences that are tailored to your mission, values, and needs by embracing your creative direction and designing to your unique location. 

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Our Design Philosophy

MBH’s EGD and Fixtures Studios translate MBH’s decades of expertise in conceptual design, technical execution, and quality management across disciplines to expand our services in creating exceptional experiences for your audiences. Dedicated to providing quality service, our Design Studios are fully engaged with your architectural team from project kick-off and collaborate throughout the design process to best understand and address the unique vision for your space. By keeping these services in-house, the Design Studios and Architectural teams can quickly make informed design decisions, consolidate milestones and submittals to all stakeholders, and streamline communication of the most up to date information, which will benefit your bottom line once the project is completed. The integrated design process results in custom designs that allow visitors to be fully immersed and engaged with your brand from the moment they enter. 

Featured Project

Sip Tea

Many of our clients approach us with established brands, but we also work with new or emerging brands, like Sip Tea, to craft or strengthen their brand identity prior to designing the built environment. Inspired by the Japanese ritual of the tea ceremony, the MBH team design a logo that pays tribute to the traditional Japanese shoji screen, and a color palette that incorporates green tones of tea leaves contrasted with warm orange tones inspired by Japanese architecture and woodblock prints to create a welcoming atmosphere within the space. 

MBH infused the Sip Tea brand into the physical space through environmental graphics, custom signage, and material selection to create effective, engaging, and intuitive designs that navigate patrons and introduce the new teahouse to the local community.  

For Sip Tea, custom, hand-drawn EGD elements convey information, create a sense of place, and evoke emotions. The custom murals depict local landmarks that can connect with the surrounding community and evoke a sense of inclusion. Custom, playful signage, illustrative murals and warm, natural materials infuse the space with the Sip Tea brand, offering customers a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Services Provided:
  • Brand Identity Design

  • Brand positioning

  • Environmental graphics

  • Environmental identity

  • Design Development

  • Visualization

  • Signage & Wayfinding

  • Placemaking & Identity

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