At MBH, succeeding means helping others to do the same. We do high quality work because that is our character, but we do high quality work at MBH because of our teams and the MBH family.  We believe that the team is greater than the sum of the parts and value the talent and perspective each MBH employee brings to the team. We may move at a fast pace, but we make it a priority to support one another and have some fun along the way. Afterall, a team that plays together, stays together. We save our competitive streak for where it really counts, whether it be fun events like our annual Halloween costume contest or waffle-off or more serious business, like beating out the competition on an international design competition. 


Growth & Opportunity


Having a supportive team empowers our employees to create their own path and explore their unique interests. We are a group of creative problem solvers who share a multifaceted view of the architectural practice. Challenges allow us to grow, and firm leadership believes in an egalitarian approach to opportunity. We have an immersive knowledge sharing program to enable employees’ professional development and several interest-based practice groups that encourage employees to explore their passions. 


Social Impact

Service to others has been at the core of MBH culture since the firm was founded more than 30 years ago. A member of the US Navy and a lifelong philanthropist, Founding Principal John McNulty cultivated the firm’s devotion to social justice work and continues to instill this ethos to this day. 

Building More Just Communities Together

Architecture has long been a white-male-dominated field in the United States. Children from disadvantaged communities are often denied opportunities to cultivate creative practices, which develop into creative careers, due to public school art programs that are scarce and under-funded. With this in mind, McNulty became involved with the Good Tidings Foundation and holds a long-standing position on the board of the organization. Together with the Good Tidings and LeRoy Neiman Foundations, MBH designs art, music, and athletic spaces for children in underserved communities across the US. The programs, which are often contained in public schools or community centers that lost funding in struggling communities, are endowed by the Good Tidings Foundation, which ensures supplies, staff pay and operational costs for the entire life of the space. MBH has designed the spaces found in this gallery: