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MBH Architects to Open New Denver Office

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Building Enclosure | May 21, 2019

A respected and experienced firm on both the East and West coasts of the United States, MBH Architects is pleased to announce the opening of a new regional office in Denver, Colo. The Alameda, Calif.-based firm is making moves to expand to a new location in order to better support clients on mountain time and neighboring areas.

“We are most fortunate to have a team willing to see opportunities, analyze the risks and rewards, and step boldly into the future with entrepreneurial spirit. MBH gets stronger and more vibrant by the day,” says MBH Founding Principal John McNulty.

The firm’s physical presence in this region is an important step towards enhancing relationships with clients, as well as being able to better support local construction. MBH expects that this opportunity will also allow them to tap into a promising talent pool, while investing in new and upcoming technologies that will help further their practices.

As MBH continues to expand, its aim is to keep regional offices linked through seasoned teams and high quality work to ensure a seamless experience for clients. MBH’s Dimple Manghani will serve as Principal-in-Charge, tasked with translating MBH’s firm culture, knowledge, and experience to the new office. In addition, three long-time employees from MBH’s headquarters in California will be moving to Denver to serve as the foundation of this new office: Bonnie Russo, Project Architect and Associate; Joe Irwin, Project Manager and Senior Associate; and Corey Russo, Project Manager and Associate.

“Translating MBH’s culture of collaboration, service to our communities, and continuous learning to new offices is an essential part of our growth strategy, so we are thrilled to have three existing employees serve as the foundation for this new working community,” says Dimple Manghani, Principal-in-Charge of the Denver office.

Officially opening its doors on June 3rd of 2019, MBH's Denver satellite will carry on the legacy of high quality service that the firm is known for.

Published: Building Enclosure | ARCHITECT | PRISM | Business of Furniture | Bisnow


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