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MBH Architects Modernizes Tourneau Retail Store in Naples, Florida

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Dexigner | September 26, 2020

MBH recently completed Tourneau's new brick and mortar store at Naples, Florida's Waterside Shops. The renovated 2,300-square-foot space features a lively and luxurious design scheme.

MBH wanted to conceptualize a space that highlights Tourneau's collections and emphasizes their first-class customer service. By combining two existing retail stores into one, MBH was able to turn a previously dark and outdated retail location into a modern oasis for watch lovers.

For the refresh, MBH selected an elegant material and color palette, providing a balance between warmth and opulence through the juxtaposition of wood and lustrous metals. Upon entering, guests are welcomed to peruse watch collections through the store's impressive brand cases. Light faux-wood porcelain flooring was employed throughout, guiding customers inward with a herringbone pattern, while darker metal finishes anchor each display. Illuminated metal cases highlight gold finishes, and porcelain wall tiles imitate concrete and marble, providing easy maintenance for the high-traffic retail space.

At the back is Tourneau's certified pre-owned section (CPO), which is a new, expanding segment for the brand. The space's herringbone flooring draws visitors to the CPO area, where a standout blue marble accent wall serves as the store's main focal point. Within this area, patrons are encouraged to bring in their watches to be evaluated and set for service.

While giving the store an updated look and feel was key, a heavy emphasis was placed on allowing each brand to have its own identity. MBH Architects worked alongside the Tourneau team to create brand presentations, which visualized where each brand would be located in each case, and how many watches would be displayed. The process brought each brand into the conversation to ensure they would be accurately represented in the showroom and will complement the overall look and feel of the store.

Published: Dexigner

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