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Bay Area Employers Increasingly Consider Transportation As Part Of Site Selection

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

BISNOW | January 11, 2018 by Julie Littman

Rapid job growth in the Bay Area has meant worsening commutes. Traffic and transportation have fast become an important topic of discussion among employers, and locations with access to transit are becoming top priorities.

“Transportation for employees is at or near the top of what we worry about,” Uber Head of Global Workspace Adony Beniares said.

The company pays close attention to where employees live. About half of its employees live in the North Bay and North Peninsula while a quarter live in the East Bay and another quarter live in the South Bay.

The San Francisco Bay Area has the third-worst traffic in the country and commuters drive a collective 146 million miles per year, MBH Architects founding principal John McNulty said during Bisnow’s San Francisco State of the Market event Wednesday.

Those miles equate to 80 hours per driver at the cost of $1,700 each, he said. About 18% of commuters use public transit while 5% walk to work.


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