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Monica Jamlang Do

Principal, Architect

As the Principal-in-Charge of a single-brand international retail studio at MBH, Monica has proven to be an invaluable asset overseeing the operations of this high volume, fast-paced studio. Monica has managed the growth of the studio since its origins, nurturing client relationships and cultivating a strong team to complete projects worldwide. With an extensive background in retail and a complex understanding of space planning and program operations, Monica maintains the breakneck workflow of a global program with a high standard of care, while using her business acumen to keep projects on schedule and build longstanding client relationships. Simultaneously, Monica inspires her fellow employees to reach their full potential and by serving as a role model and mentor for the next generation. For over 20 years, Monica has played a vital role in developing MBH’s culture of continued education and workplace diversity, playing an integral role in forming MBH’s job captain school, Framework, and Women in the Workplace discussion forum, as well as serving as a day-to-day role model and mentor to her team.

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