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Helen Herrick

Principal, Architect

Helen Herrick, Principal, Architect and Managing Director of MBH Architects’ New York Office, brings over 15 years in design, strategy, and physical transformation of retail and hospitality architecture. Working with and for some of the world’s biggest names in retail over her career, she is an expert in consumer behavior, retail trends, and luxury retail specifications. She is passionate about creating spaces that people love to be in and has the track record to prove it. Among her achievements, Helen pioneered the banking industry’s push toward hospitality with Capital One Cafes. Her extensive experience and strategic, creative leadership brings guidance and inspiration to the local New York team, which is thriving under her leadership, as well as the creative teams that she guides throughout the firm. Helen is deeply committed to sustainability, particularly in reducing waste and exploring avenues for reconfiguration and reuse of materials within the retail industry. Helen holds a Master of Urban Planning and a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Washington, Seattle.

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