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Environmental Graphic Design

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Environmental Graphic Design, or EGD, harmonizes with architecture to transform a physical space into a memorable and inviting destination. The EGD is an integrated element of the architecture, providing educational, directional, and experiential touchpoints for users to interact with when exploring the space.

With experience in concept development, graphic production, material selection, and signage permitting, our teams are prepared to bring your concept to life every step of the design process. 

Our Integrated Services

Signage & Wayfinding

Provide Navigation & Orientation

Environmental Identity

Curate a Cohesive Customer Journey


Environmental Graphics

Establish Emotional Connection


3D Art Installations

Connect with Local Community


Digital Integrations

Encourage Exploration

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Placemaking & Identity

Integrate Brand & End User

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EGD Design Case Study

For the Japanese inspired tea house, MBH infused the Sip Tea brand identity into the physical space through environmental graphics, custom signage, and material selection. EGD was used to create signage, wayfinding systems, with the goal to create effective, engaging, and intuitive designs that help people navigate and interact with the spaces around them.

Inspired by the Japanese ritual of the tea ceremony, the logo pays tribute to the traditional Japanese architectural element, the shoji screen, and a color palette that incorporates green tones from tea leaves, as well as contrasting warmer orange tones inspired by Japanese architecture and art. Custom, hand-drawn EGD elements convey information, create a sense of place, and evoke emotions. The custom murals depict local landmarks and events that can help customers feel more connected to the space and the surrounding community. 

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EGD Elements

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