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The DesignWell Podcast #4: The Experts Talk Senior Design Trends for 2022

Ever evolving, constantly changing, trends help define practices and give insight into the future of industries. Thanks to COVID, the development and adoption of trends has entered into an accelerated pace, with many different industries undergoing extreme shifts in direction. While not as strong as when the pandemic first hit, senior design is still continuing to evolve, both due to the concerns of leaders and the changing desires of the seniors themselves.

This week, on the DesignWell Podcast, Editor Nick Boever is joined by Natalie Ruiz from Callison RTKL, Walter Marin from Marin Architects, Shannon O’Kelley from Pininfarina and Tom Pflueger from MBH Architects. As four experts in the field of senior design, they discuss the current trends affecting senior living space and how their firms are tackling these priorities.

Listen on the DesignWell website and watch in the accompanying YouTube segment.


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