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MBH Celebrates its Community with 30th Anniversary

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Commercial Construction & Renovation | November 2, 2019

This month, award-winning architecture firm MBH Architects celebrated its 30th year in business! Rather than commemorating the milestone with grandeur, the firm’s four offices came together to serve their local communities—a sentiment much in line with MBH’s dedication to philanthropy. With award-winning projects across all sectors, more than 200 amazing employees, and continuing growth, MBH Architects has much to celebrate. Not only is the firm dedicated to their clients, but also their communities.

“Impact Day,” a tradition that started with MBH’s 25th Anniversary in 2014, is a day where each office works with local groups to help elevate underserved areas, while nourishing a sense of camaraderie within the firm.

Alameda Office: The California-based office assisted the RISE Community School and New Highland Academy in Oakland with landscaping their gardens, painting new planter boxes, murals and classrooms, and aided in organizing the teacher’s lounge, flex room, donation room, and playroom.

New York Office: The office partnered with Materials for the Arts—New York City’s largest creative reuse center dedicated to supporting arts and cultural organizations—by preparing the warehouse for “Shopping Days” by unpacking, sorting, and displaying a variety of donated materials. These materials included excess fabrics, trim, and additional arts and crafts supplies, all of which are saved from landfills and help to support nonprofits and local schools.

Denver Office: The Denver office volunteered at The Urban Farm—a nonprofit organization that seeks to give back to the community by teaching respect for people, animals, plants and the environment by learning how our food is grown, processed, and distributed. The Urban Farm also works to impart skills and education that prepare participants to pursue post-secondary education and gainful employment in the life, natural or animal sciences, agriculture, or environmental/sustainability fields. The MBH team assisted The Urban Farm by buildings stair stringers for chicken coops, mucking out animal stalls, gardening, and helping to prepare the farm for the upcoming Colorado winter.

Mumbai Office: Because of torrential rains, MBH’s international office had to postpone their impact Day to a later date, but once the weather permits, the office will be participating in beautifying and transforming the Little Hearts Learning Centre—a school for specially-abled children. Activities will include painting educational graphics on a school wall, adding play elements to a sensory path that helps in the students’ learning, adding turf floor to the school’s play area, and creating a green environment in the middle of a concrete jungle.


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