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Donating by Design: A Feel Good Friday Tale

INTERIORS + SOURCES | September 21, 2018 by Adrian Thompson


Every year since the early 2000s, a group of animal-loving architects from MBH Architects' Alameda, Calif.-based offices have teamed up to participate in the annual Petchitecture fundraiser, an event in which custom-designed, pet-friendly habitats are auctioned off in order to benefit PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support). The volunteer-based organization provides needed companion animal services to hundreds of low-income San Franciscans so they can continue to benefit from the healing power and unconditional love of their beloved pets.

This year, the MBH team collaborated with local manufacturer Concreteworks in order to create its Pawbble habitat – a funky, semi-globular concrete piece topped with a plush pillow seat, perfect for kneading and napping (cats’ two favorite things). A group of smaller pillows serve as soft companions for play or downtime. The concrete habitat was cast in an EPS foam mold that was formed using a 5-axis DSM router. The piece was then sealed with a colorless, stain-resistant finish for extra durability.

MBH teams across the nation have consistently found ways to give back to their communities, so it’s no surprise that this pet-friendly project is one that this particular team looks forward to each year. It allows the architects and designers to flex their creative muscles on a very different kind of design that aids an organization that does tremendous work for the community.


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