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Charitable Renovation Inspires: Sol Collective Art Gallery

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

INTERIORS + SOURCES | October 05, 2018 by Adrian Thompson

MBH Architects and the Good Tidings Foundation know that two is better than one, which is why the organizations often pair up together for Good Tiding Foundation’s variety of projects.

The charitable organization looks to equally support arts, education, athletics and dreams for youth from communities in need.

Throughout its partnership over the years with MBH, the two have turned many ideas into reality, such as renovating a Columbus Clubhouse for teens in the Bronx, New York.

In their latest endeavor, which we highlight in this new installment of our Feel Good Friday series, MBH and Good Tidings Foundation, along with LeRoy Neiman Foundation, created a beautiful and functional art studio in Sacramento for the Sol Collective Art Gallery.

A community-based partnership whose mission is to provide artistic, cultural and educational programming, promote social justice and empower youth through creative endeavors, the Sol Collective Art Gallery now has a brand-new space to teach, inspire and host events in.

The once dark and disorganized space has been transformed by MBH into a bright and welcoming environment, characterized by the LeRoy Neiman Foundation’s signature paint splattered floors. The design team was able to expertly weave the Collective’s character into the final design of the space through important details such as:

  • Original art created by artists from the Sol Collective displayed throughout the space

  • Leaving certain walls bare in order to provide room for future artwork from resident artists

  • Incorporating the two main colors of the Collective’s logo—Valentino red and Aqua Velvet— throughout the studio and pairing them with a complementary palette

The charitable renovation expanded the original space while adding in new walls to alter the layout for better flow, LED spotlights and fan fixtures and a dark printmaking room. Additional fixtures included custom hardwood tables, white boards and new cabinets with a laminate finish resembling easy brush strokes.


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