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Integrated Services

What services does MBH provide?

Activating the Built Environment

MBH’s integrated services offer an added layer of interaction and intentionality to elevate your audience engagement in your space. Activating the build environment through bespoke graphics, thoughtful wayfinding, and custom fixtures infuse your space with one-of-a-kind elements that visualize your brand to loyal audiences and introduce your ethos to emerging markets. Our in-house Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) and Fixtures Studios, staffed with talented industrial, interior, and graphic designers, collaborate with the architectural teams to reach customized solutions for your project, from showstopping fixtures to interactive branding. MBH designs for its clients, not ourselves. We pride ourselves on delivering experiences that are tailored to your mission, values, and needs by embracing your creative direction and playing with your unique location.

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Our Design Philosophy

By choosing MBH, you benefit from the firm’s decades of expertise in conceptual design, technical execution, and quality management. MBH’s EGD and Fixtures Studios engage with your dedicated architectural team at on-boarding and collaborate every step in the process to best understand and address your project’s unique needs and ensure designs are functional and seamless. Our designers thrive when exploring creative concepts and strategies that ensure engagement, longevity, and quality.

The integrated design process is dictated by the architectural timeline to align design development and production deadlines in order to keep projects on track and ensure a timely installation. The Design Studios communicate daily with the Architectural Team for the latest updates and coordinate directly with the project subconsultants to consolidate coordination and approvals. This integrated team structure allows teams to work efficiently on interpreting the jurisdictional and space constraints, ensuring brand consistency and executing seamless installations according to construction timelines. From national rollouts to affordable housing developments, MBH’s Design Studios coordinate and manage your design program to fit your architectural scope, enforced by MBH’s decades of multi-disciplinary expertise.

Featured Project

Sip Tea

MBH infused the Sip Tea brand into the physical space through environmental graphics, custom signage, and material selection to create effective, engaging, and intuitive designs that navigate patrons and introduce the new teahouse to the local community.

As the Design Team begun the design process, they first defined the teahouse’s brand that would inform the EGD concepts, including signage, menu boards, and wayfinding. Inspired by the Japanese ritual of the tea ceremony, the logo pays tribute to the traditional Japanese shoji screen, and a color palette that incorporates green tones of tea leaves contrasted with warm orange tones inspired by Japanese architecture and woodblock prints to create a welcoming atmosphere within the space.

For Sip Tea, custom, hand-drawn EGD elements convey information, create a sense of place, and evoke emotions.


The custom murals depict local landmarks that can connect with the surrounding community and evoke a sense of inclusion. Custom, playful signage, illustrative murals and warm, natural materials infuse the space with the Sip Tea brand, offering customers a one of a kind experience.

Services Provided:
  • Conceptual Design

  • Brand positioning

  • Environmental graphics

  • Environmental identity

  • Design Development

  • Visualization

  • Signage & Wayfinding

  • Placemaking & Identity

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